Aiven operates 24/7/365 monitoring on Aiven Cloud Services and our personnel will be automatically alerted on any service anomalies. Aiven's personnel will commence work on any issues in system operations requiring manual intervention without delay. 

For regular subscriptions, Aiven provides Basic level support without separate charge through email and chat regarding problems related to using and accessing the Aiven Cloud Services. Responses are provided on a best-effort basis during the same or next business day. 

Support tiers

Aiven offers three support tiers on top of the free tier described above: Priority, Business, and Enterprise. Different tiers consist of a mix of phone support, twelve (12) hour support and technical account management depending on the level of commitment. The support tiers and their features have been described in the table below.

Support tier descriptions

Support pricing

* Base price represents the minimum monthly billing of each support tier

** Usage based price works as a volume discount to benefit customers whose monthly Cloud Service usage fees exceed the limits specified in the table above. These prices are added to the Base price if the usage exceeds the above mentioned levels. 

Pricing example

Customer’s total monthly spend on Aiven services is $60 000 per month.

Pricing for Enterprise tier support:


Priority, Business, and Enterprise support shall be invoiced with same terms as Aiven Cloud Services as defined in Aiven General Terms and Conditions.

For enabling a Priority, Business or Enterprise support for your account please contact

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