Please provide the following information to the Aiven support team during a support case or on-going incident. Please copy and paste the following section as a template for your support/incident request. This give the Aiven team all the needed information to fix your issue, start investigations, or ask further questions.

v v v v Start Template v v v v

Scope of Impact
- Affected Projects:
- Affected Service Names: [If applicable]
- Affected Services: [Kafka, Postgres, Redis, Aiven Console, etc.]
- Affected Clouds/Regions: [AWS, google-us-east1, etc.]
- Affected Functionality: [networking, deployments, metrics, etc]

- Clients can connect: [Yes/No/Partial Failure]
- Service is responsive: [Yes/No/Partial Failure]

Additional Details

- What is expected behavior?
- What is the actual behavior?
- What languages/frameworks/versions are your using?
- Can you share client side error messages?
- Is there a history of this issue/behavior?
- Can you reproduce the behavior? [Yes/No]
If Yes please describe the steps to reproduce it.

^ ^ ^ ^ End Template ^ ^ ^ ^


The support team will be in contact with you for all open support cases. Please see Aiven's support SLA's and reach out if you have any questions. Providing the information above helps with investigations and decrease time to recovery. Your account team will be notified if you are on a paid support plan.

If Aiven declares an incident, you can get the latest information from Aiven's Status Page, pro-active communications from your account team, or reach out to support. Your account team will work with you to find the quickest path to stability.

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