Aiven for Apache Kafka provides a number of ways to view information about the partitions in use by your topics:

  • Via the UI - on the Topics tab of each service:

    1. Click the three dots next to the topic you wish to inspect.

    2. Click Info on the menu that appears, then in the Info window navigate to the Partitions tab.

  • Programmatically:

    • Via the Aiven API.

    • Via the Aiven CLI. An example bash script:


      for service in $(avn service list -t kafka --json | jq -r '.[] | select(.state == "RUNNING") | [.service_name,.cloud_name] | join(",")')
      serv=$(echo $service | cut -d "," -f 1)
      cloud=$(echo $service | cut -d "," -f 2)
      topics=$(avn service topic-list $serv --json | jq -r '.[] | .topic_name')

      echo "Cloud: $cloud Service: $serv"
      for topic in $topics
      echo "Topic: $topic"
      avn service topic-get $serv $topic
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