Datadog is a popular, cloud-based monitoring service that allows you to send various metrics to it through special software that is installed on servers to collect the metrics.

It provides easy-to-use graphing functionality as well as the ability to arrange multiple graphs into service dashboards, alerting, logging functionality, and other features. At the moment, you can leverage remote syslog integration to send logs to Datadog.

Currently, Aiven supports Datadog integration for Apache Kafka, Elasticsearch, PostgreSQL, and Redis services. Using the Datadog integration does not affect the billing for your Aiven services.

Note: Datadog will still charge for the integration's metrics based on their regular pricing. The costs incurred from Datadog are solely your responsibility as the Datadog account owner.

Aiven tags available on Datadog

We add a variety of tags to metrics, including aiven-service-type: , aiven-service-name: and aiven-project: . You can use these tags to filter services shown in your dashboards. You can also add your own custom tags with API or command line client.

Datadog compared to Aiven InfluxDB and Grafana-based metrics integration

The Aiven metrics service integration utilizes Aiven InfluxDB and Aiven Grafana services to provide similar graphing and dashboard functionality.

The Aiven metrics integration is built on open-source components.

Using an InfluxDB service to store the metrics data allows full access to the stored data with InfluxDB queries and also allows virtually unlimited retention for the data.

Grafana-based graphing and dashboards allow you to gain the benefits of Grafana's advanced features, such as extensive plugin support, graph query editor, alerting, and visualization.

For more information on how to get started with Datadog, see this article.

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