By default all Aiven services require an authenticated and encrypted connection from client applications. Most problems connecting to Aiven services from JetBrains products are resolved by enabling SSL in the configuration.

The first step is to configure the Host, Port, User and Password fields according to your service details gathered from the Aiven Console. Make sure to copy and paste the credentials to avoid typos when filling in this form.

The next step is to enable the Use SSL checkbox in the SSH/SSL tab when setting up the connection.

Depending on the product and SSL mode you are using, you might also need to configure the project CA file which can be downloaded from the Aiven Console in the Service Overview page under CA Certificate.

For the SSL Mode there are two main option to consider:

  • Verify CA, in which case the CA file is required

  • Required, in which case the CA file is sometimes required and depends on the JDBC driver behaviour

Once you have configured everything then click Test Connection to confirm that everything is working correctly.

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