Aiven for MySQL databases are automatically backed-up, with full backups daily, and Binary log recorded continuously. All backups are encrypted. We use the open source myhoard software to do this.

The number of stored backups and backup retention time depends on your selected service plan. Full backups are version specific binary backups, which when combined with binlog allows for consistent recovery to a specific point in time (PITR).

Myhoard utilises Percona XtraBackup internally for taking a full (or incremental) snapshot for MySQL. As of 8.0.23, XtraBackup enabled --lock-ddl by default so DDL changes cannot be performed while full backup is ongoing. This ensures your service backup are consistent and can be reliably used for restoration.

You may receive the message Waiting for backup lock. if you run CREATE, ALTER, DROP, TRUNCATE etc while full backup is in progress. In this case, please retry the operation again once the backup is complete.

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