Aiven provides service metrics integrations to monitor the state of your Services. The platform is powered by state-of-art open source solutions for collecting and visualising metrics from your Aiven services, as well as alerting on abnormalities. It helps you to quickly get to the bottom of performance issues, as well as anticipate and prevent future problems.

However, if you already have AWS CloudWatch observability platform set up for your organization, then Aiven Service Metrics Integration to AWS CloudWatch will enable you to monitor your Aiven Services in the same, familiar environment.

Get Started

Creating the AWS CloudWatch Metrics integration

You need to start by creating an AWS CloudWatch Metrics integration endpoint to the Aiven project you're using. It is possible to do this either inside the Aiven Web Console or by using the Aiven Client.

Create the integration endpoint using Aiven Web Console

You can enable the AWS CloudWatch Metrics integration in the Service Integrations section of your project. You will need to give a namespace that will be used in AWS CloudWatch as well as AWS credentials with appropriate access rights and the AWS region to be used.

The access rights required for the credentials are cloudwatch:PutMetricData, cloudwatch:GetMetricData, cloudwatch:GetMetricStatistics and cloudwatch:ListMetrics. If a namespace with given name does not exist in CloudWatch, it will be generated. Properties, like data retention, can be modified in the AWS console in the same way as for your other metrics.

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Link the integration endpoint to your service using Aiven Web Console

Go to the service you want to add the metrics integration to, and select Manage Integrations. Then find the AWS CloudWatch Metrics integration from the list and click Use Integration.

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When you set up a metrics integration to your metrics collector endpoint, Aiven sets up default filtering rules for your metrics integration. The default rules pass the key metrics to get you started with monitoring Aiven services. You can later adjust the filtering rule to include additional metrics, or exclude metrics from the default set, to suit your need.

Modify the default filtering rule

You may want to monitor additional metrics or drop some to conserve bandwidth, disk space, or in general keep the list of metrics in your collection service more manageable.

To do so, toggle metric group or individual metric field.

Additional information

View the list of pre-defined metrics in service integrations.

For additional service metrics available, please read this article.

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