View & manage the service configuration

Click the service name list to open the "Service Overview" page. This view shows the connection parameters for your service, its current status and allows making changes to the service configuration.

Tips for Configuring M3DB

The options available for configuring your M3DB service have been carefully selected to give you enough flexibility while ensuring that you can operate them safely.

Here are a few things to keep in mind before you configure your service:

  • The default namespace cannot be deleted.

  • You can reconfigure the default namespace by editing it via Namespaces tab.

  • There must be exactly one unaggregated namespace.

  • To rename a namespace, delete the old one and re-create a new one with desired name and options. Editing the name of a namespace has been explicitly disabled as it triggers delete and add operations which may cause data loss.

  • Decreasing "Retention period duration" may cause data loss, so proceed with caution when changing its value.

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