Your Aiven M3 comes with some ready-to-go integrations, including Grafana. Grafana is an open source analytics platform that allows you to explore your data and build dashboards to show the values that really matter.

To add Grafana to your existing M3 database, choose “Manage Integrations” and click on “Dashboard”. If you’re already using an Aiven Grafana, you can add your M3 metrics to the existing service. Alternatively, create a new Grafana service and pick the cloud you prefer to use.

screenshot of the console creating a grafana

When your Grafana is ready, it will show up as a separate service in the Aiven console; it can also be accessed from the M3DB overview page where it shows as an integration.

Visit the “Service URI” for Grafana to reach the dashboard itself. The username and password from the service overview page are also required.

Visit the “Explore” tab and choose the M3DB from the datasource dropdown at the very top of the screen. For a new Grana install, a handy PromSQL cheat sheet is also shown.

Try adding more services’ metrics to M3, or start collecting data from other sources, and build dashboards in Grafana.

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