When nodes are replaced in your Aiven for Apache Kafka cluster, you may find several NOT_LEADER_FOR_PARTITION errors in the logs of your producer code.

The exact error message depends on your client library and log formatting, but they look similar to the following:

[2021-02-04 09:01:20,118] WARN [Producer clientId=test-producer] Received invalid metadata error in produce request on partition topic1-25 due to org.apache.kafka.common.errors.NotLeaderForPartitionException: This server is not the leader for that topic-partition.. Going to request metadata update now (org.apache.kafka.clients.producer.internals.Sender)

While it may seem intimidating when several of these messages appears, this is actually expected behavior as part of the failover from old to new nodes.

Each producer contains a metadata cache that identifies which broker is the leader of each partition. When your code produces a message, it tries to send it to the broker that is the partition leader according to the producer's metadata cache.

When nodes are replaced, the partition leaders are expected to change. Every partition leader changes at least once, but it can be more, depending on the number of nodes and how many nodes are replaced at a time. If a service has 3000 active partitions, then you can expect at least one of these error messages for each partition in each producer.

Producers can usually update their metadata cache immediately. After that, they continue producing messages without issue. However, high load on the broker side or unfortunate timing in parallel requests can sometimes trigger several updates. This might cause a very large number of these warnings in the producer logs, which looks worrying but is in fact harmless.

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