You can use the following steps to set up GCP Marketplace billing for Aiven services.

Navigate to Make sure you have selected the GCP project you want to use for billing.

Search for "Aiven" in the top bar. You can also be more specific by adding the service name, e.g. "Aiven for Elasticsearch"

You can review information on this page's "Overview" and "Pricing" tabs, but it will also be presented while completing the subscription. Click the "PURCHASE" button to proceed to the confirmation page.

On the "Order Summary" page, use the default options for the "Select Plan" section:

You can click through the pricing section, but note that you are NOT selecting a plan to deploy at this time. We will review pricing later at deploy time. If you are curious about pricing, you can use the pricing calculator to the right of the page to get an idea of the total cost. For example, we might have a development ES instance running only during work hours, 40 hours / week => ~175 hours / month and a production instance running constantly, 730 hours / month. If you need multiple instances, you would just add the hours together, e.g. 730 hours/month * 2 instances = 1460 hours/month. Remember, you are NOT selecting any plans to deploy on this page.

Select your desired billing account, then read and agree to the the terms and conditions.

When you are ready, click the "Subscribe" button at the bottom of the page. You will NOT be charged by clicking this button. This only sets up a billing subscription between GCP and Aiven. You will only be charged after deploying Aiven services.

Finalize the Billing Subscription

After subscribing, navigate back to the service page on GCP Marketplace. You will see a new button labeled "MANAGE ON PROVIDER." Clicking this button will take you to a signup page on

Note the url is This uses a different account system than If you have an existing account on the native Aiven console, you will need to create a new account on the GCP Aiven console. Finalize registration by confirming your email.

Deploying an Aiven Service with GCP Marketplace Billing

Once complete you are free to deploy services on your new Aiven account! You will notice a few differences from the native Aiven Console. You only have access to services that have an active GCP Marketplace billing subscription. If you want access to a new service you need to add each one individually, e.g. Kafka, Kafka Connect, and Kafka Mirrormaker. Also note that you only have access to deploy to GCP regions. All of Aiven's supported GCP regions are available, and your ability to create and manage virtual private clouds (VPC) in GCP is unchanged.

Deploy and managed your services like you would on Aiven's native console.


All usage is reported back to GCP which performs the billing calculations, and invoicing.

This might be a good time to setup accounts and projects; see more information in our Account Management help article.

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