Aiven for M3 is a fully managed, horizontally scalable and highly available time-series database on Aiven platform.

It is packaged as two services:

  • Aiven for M3DB - Includes M3 time-series database and M3 Coordinator that co-ordinates reads and writes between M3DB and upstream systems on a single a node. It supports three types of ingest formats - Prometheus, Carbon, InfluxDB.

  • Aiven for M3Aggregator - Run as a separate service, it aggregates metrics and provides downsampling.

⚠️Note: At this moment, we do not offer M3 Coordinator as a separate service.

Get Started

Login to Aiven Console

Aiven services are managed from Aiven web console. To get started, login to the console with your credentials. You will be automatically taken to the "Services" view that shows all the services in the currently selected project.

Create a new service

To create a new M3DB service, click the "Create a new service" button.

  1. Choose M3DB from the list of services.

  2. Select the cloud and region to run the service on. Note that the pricing of the same service may differ between cloud providers and their regions.

  3. Select the service plan to indicate how many nodes and what kind of memory/CPU/disk resources should be allocated to run your service.

  4. Lastly, choose a name for the service to distinguish it from the other services. A random name is suggested by default, but we recommend you to type in a more friendly name for your service.

  5. Click "Create service" button.

This will start the process of initialising your service and you'll see it listed in the "Services" view. Each blue dot indicates a node being initialised and the "Status" indicator will read "REBUILDING".

Your service is ready for use once the status changes to "RUNNING" and the blue dots change to green as shown below. This process usually takes a couple of minutes. It may take longer at times as the performance can vary between cloud providers.

Send data to M3

You can either try out our Python example from GitHub, or use M3 to collect metrics from your existing Aiven services.

To collect metrics from existing services, go to “Manage Services” for your M3 database and pick “Metrics”, then choose the service.

Supported ingestion formats

  • Prometheus - Read/Write endpoint for Prometheus

  • InfluxDB - Write endpoint for InfluxDB

  • Graphite (Render) - Read endpoint for Graphite

  • Graphite (Carbon) - Graphite metrics using Carbon plaintext protocol - requires VPC configured

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