Our stock plans are designed to cover most common use cases. The plans are tested and optimized configurations that work well in different clouds.

Sometimes, especially for very high throughput clusters or other special use cases, the stock plans might not be an optimal fit. In such cases we are happy to look into custom plans where the service configurations are changed to best fit your needs.

Custom plans can be made available for plans starting from 500 USD/month.

Some variables which may be adjusted in custom plans include:

  • Amount of storage

  • Amount and frequency of backups

  • Amount of nodes

  • CPU/RAM configuration per node

The possible configurations depend on several factors, such as the cloud, region, available instance types and the service type in question.

For example available memory and CPU configurations may depend on restrictions imposed by the cloud provider and the instance types available in the region.

Please feel free to contact us via Intercom or sales@aiven.io for a quote and the availability of a custom plan.

For the custom plan request, please provide:

  • The region and cloud you would like it in (e.g. "Google cloud, us-east1")

  • The service type (e.g. "kafka" or "postgres")

  • The name of the Aiven project you would like the custom plan available for

  • The custom attributes changed vs a stock plan (e.g. "a Postgres business-4 but with 900 GB of storage")

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