Billing groups is a new functionality that brings flexibility to how your projects are invoiced on Aiven. Previously, billing information was defined per project - this led to inefficient administration of defining the payment information multiple times when the projects shared the same billing information. Customers who needed consolidated invoices for different projects were required to contact Aiven Support to help them meet their need.

With the introduction of Billing Groups, billing information is detached from the projects giving you greater flexibility in setting up your invoices right from the Aiven Console. By default, every project now belongs to a billing group.

⚠️ In order to consolidate project costs, you need an Account that holds all the projects you wish to consolidate costs for.

Getting Started

1. Create an Account

Billing group is designed to have an owning account so start by creating one if you don't already have one. You can access the view for creating accounts by clicking 'See all projects' from the project side panel and selecting 'Create account' from the modal as shown below.

2. Make projects available for assignment to the new Billing Group

In order to be able to assign projects to billing group, they should be first associated with an account. This can be done in the projects tab of the account management view by clicking on the 'Associate Project' button. Select the projects you need and click 'Assign'.

3. Create a billing group

While in the account management view, go to 'Billing' tab and click on 'Create New Billing Group'

  • Provide a name for the billing group to distinguish it from the other billing groups - while each billing group has a unique ID, the names are not.

  • Enter the billing information as requested in the form.

  • Select the projects to be assigned to your billing group.

  • Review the summary and click 'Create & Assign' button.

⚠️You can always edit the billing group and update the billing information and projects assigned to the billing group.

⚠️ As each project belongs to a billing group by default, it is expected to see the warning message that your project belongs to a billing group already.

Congratulations, you have now created a billing group! The costs of the projects assigned to this billing group will be consolidated into a single invoice.

Explore Billing groups further in this article.

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