Billing groups bring flexibility to how your Aiven projects are invoiced. This offers an alternative to defining the billing information for each project, which can lead to inefficient administration in defining the same details multiple times for projects that share the same billing information.

You can set up invoices for billing groups in the Aiven web console. When you start using billing groups, each project then belongs to a billing group by default.

To start using billing groups:

  1. Log in to the Aiven web console.

  2. Create an account for your projects.

    1. Click the current project and select See all projects & accounts.

    2. Click Create account.

  3. In the account management view, go to the Projects tab and click Associate Project.

  4. Select the projects that you want to include in the account and click Assign.

  5. Go to the Billing tab and click Create New Billing Group.

  6. Enter a name for the billing group, then click Next.
    Note: Each billing group has a unique ID, but the names are not unique, so use a name that is easy to distinguish.

  7. Enter the billing information, then click Next.

  8. Select the projects that you want to assign to the billing group, then click Next.

  9. Check the information on the Summary page, then click Create & Assign.

    Note: As each project belongs to a billing group by default, you will see a warning that the assigned projects already belong to a billing group.

    You can edit the billing group later to update the billing information and change the assigned projects.

The billing group is now created and the costs of the projects assigned to this billing group are consolidated into a single invoice.

For more information about billing groups, see this article.

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