Aiven platform provides a way to power-off services stop accumulating usage costs when not in use. However leaving them powered-off for an extended period of time comes with disadvantages too.

Aiven platform receive regular maintenance updates to keep the services updated with the latest supported versions upstream, including fixes to bugs, possible security vulnerabilities, and overall improvements to performance and memory consumption.

Keeping services in powered-off state for a long time lowers the feasibility of a smooth upgrade path, making it harder for us to continue supporting your needs.

We recommend you to regularly review your services, and delete those that are no longer required. This would help us to focus on supporting the services you actively use and ensure better utilization of the Aiven platform resources. Services that have been powered-off for 90 days will send email notification(s) reminding you that the service has been powered-off for a long period. After 180 consecutive days being powered-off the service will be marked for automatic deletion.

Deleting a powered-off service

1. Click on 'Services' in the left navigation bar and review the list of services that are in powered-off state. Such services are labeled as 'Powered off' shown in the screenshot below

2. Click on the powered-off service to open the Service Overview page and click 'Delete service'.

3. This opens up a confirmation dialog; follow the instructions on the screen to enable the 'Delete' button and click it to delete the service.

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