You may have already come across the dreaded error page when trying to login to from your SAML IdP, this is because we are working on supporting this feature but it is not yet available.

Never fear, though, of course you don't want to head to the address bar and type the address in, not when all of the apps within your organisation are listed within your provider. So, here is a neat trick (hack?) to set it up while you wait.

Let's use Okta for this example (the same can be done in OneLogin and many others).

  1. Head over to your Okta account and then click on Add Apps

2. Search for aiven or the name of an app that does not exist (wizard is a good one) and Okta will give you the option to create a bookmark

3. You can add the normal console login link there or the SAML link (that you can find in your Aiven Console Settings)

4. Click Add and you are done. You should see the app on your home screen and clicking it will take you directly to us. If you are not an Admin of your IdP, then request it to be added and you it will be enabled for everybody within your organisation.

Thank you for your patience while we develop this feature (and many others) for the Aiven platform. Our support team is always on hand to help. When the feature has been released, we will remove this article but please contact us if you would like to be alerted when this is available.

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