Aiven Elasticsearch databases are automatically backed-up, encrypted and stored securely in object storage.

Depending on the service plan, we offer single backup for disaster recovery, or daily backups with varying retention periods:

  • Hobbyist plan - Single backup for disaster recovery

  • Startup plan - Daily backups with 2 days retention period

  • Business plan - Daily backups with 14 days retention period

  • Premium plan - Daily backups with 30 days retention period

Internals of the backup functionality

In order to allow going back to an earlier point in time, Aiven for Elasticsearch backups are of two kinds - hourly and daily, with each having it's own setting for

backup frequency interval and retention period. These settings are currently not user-configurable.

Restoring backups

Depending on the service plan, you can restore backups from x hours ago or from y days ago.

Note: Please note that at this point, we only support restoring from daily backups or hourly backups from the previous day.

In order to restore a backup, navigate to the service's "Backup" tab in the Aiven Console, click "Restore" and follow the instructions in the dialog.

This action utilizes the database forking functionality and creates a new Elasticsearch service that is cloned from the selected backup. Once the new service is up and running, you can change your application's connection settings to point to it.

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