Aiven is committed to preventing the unnecessary spread of the COVID-19 virus and is taking action to limit its impact over Aiven and the whole society.

Operational capability

Aiven operational capability is secured by a globally distributed team. 

The Aiven service is implemented as a self-hosting, fully automated platform that requires little human interaction to operate. Nevertheless, the Aiven global Operations team is monitoring the platform and there is a 24/7/365 Operations on-call team that reacts to alerts and escalations that require manual intervention.

The Aiven Operations team is distributed over three offices: Helsinki (Finland), Berlin (Germany) and Sydney (Australia). Each office on its own is capable of maintaining the platform operational without the need to consult other offices.

Operative work is regularly done remotely even under normal circumstances and the global Operations team is fully capable of working from remote locations with a fraction of the entire team available.

Aiven customer support team also operates from the East Coast of the United States in addition to the offices mentioned above, ensuring responsive help for customers at all times.


Aiven limits employee business travel to the absolutely essential during the outbreak.

Remote work

Remote work is a normal part of everyday life at Aiven. We are very familiar with working remotely and well equipped for it.

During the outbreak, all Aiven employees have strong recommendation to work fully remotely.


During the outbreak, Aiven is not inviting visitors to the Aiven offices.


During the outbreak, Aiven is not hosting any public events. Also Aiven employees are not visiting any public events.

Contingency plan

Aiven has predefined Business Continuity / Contingency plans that address and define a plan of action during major disruptions, including a global pandemic.

Cloud platform providers

Aiven internal core services, as well as Aiven customer services, are operated on multiple public cloud provider platforms:

  • AWS

  • Google Cloud Platform

  • Azure

  • DigitalOcean

  • UpCloud

In case a single cloud provider fails, Aiven offers the unique capability to migrate services effortlessly and smoothly between cloud providers. This same capability applies to all Aiven core platform services, providing an extra layer of security over maintaining the platform availability under exceptional circumstances.

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