Aiven is committed to providing excellent and responsive support to all of our customers. We are constantly monitoring our services 24/7 and rapidly addressing any anomalies, day or night.

In addition to our standard support, we offer three additional tiers that include faster response times, support center and phone support. For more information about support plans, please see Aiven support details article or contact to discuss premium support.

Project Support Center

Aiven offers direct support ticketing feature which is currently only available to Priority level support or higher.

Project Support Center is directly available from the Aiven Console under Support menu on the left hand side. It contains a list of your new and existing support tickets that were created, as well as allowing you to submit new support tickets.

For minor issues/bugs reports, please use the intercom chat located at the bottom right corner of the screen.
For more severe issues that require our immediate attention please create a support ticket.

Creating new support ticket

You can create new support tickets directly from the support center by clicking on "Open support ticket" button. Enter a detailed description of the issue that you're experiencing and select the appropriate service from the drop down list.

When choosing severity, please refer to the guide below:

  • Low: Services’s primary functions are usable, but a subset of functionality is not usable. For example some minor management issues related to metrics or logs. Workaround exists.

  • High: Service’s primary functions are usable, but severely limited. For example if you're observing severely increased operation latencies, or if the management interface is not operational.

  • Critical: Service’s primary functions are not usable. For example a major service malfunction with no workaround.

Once ready, please click on Create ticket and your new ticket will be sent to our support team for a review.

After your ticket is submitted, you will receive an email to which you can reply directly and your ticket will be updated with new information. You will also receive any replies from the Aiven support team directly to your email.

You can also track the status of the existing tickets and/or review them from the project support center.

Once your issue is resolved, your ticket will be updated in the project support center.

Adding followers to an ongoing ticket

If one or more members want to track and manage a ticket, it is possible to add members to an ongoing ticket by the owner of the ticket. It can be done by using the "Add follower" option. Alternate option is to "CC"ing additional members in the email.

For more support articles please see our Support page or contact us at 

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