Kafkatool is a useful tool to visualize data in Apache Kafka topics. This help article shows how to integrate Kafkatool with Aiven for Apache Kafka and visualized data in topics. We tested the integration with Kafkatool v2.0.7 and Aiven for Apache Kafka v2.2.


Details about Kafka and Kafka

The following information regarding your Aiven for Apache Kafka service needs to be obtained from the Aiven console.


Details about Kafka and Kafka

Generate the truststore and keystore using the project CA and client keys available for download from the Aiven console for your Kafka service. These instructions are also available in the getting started guide for Kafka.

$ openssl pkcs12 -export -inkey service.key -in service.cert -out client.keystore.p12 -name service_key

$ keytool -import -file ca.pem -alias CA -keystore client.truststore.jks 

Integration details

Here are the screen captures that show how to integrate Kafkatool with Aiven for Apache Kafka.

Provide a name for your cluster as shown above and select the appropriate Apache Kafka version of your Aiven for Apache Kafka service.
(NOTE: remember to leave the Zookeeper chroot path as "/".)

Enter the location and passwords of keystore and truststore.

Enter the KAFKA_HOST and KAFKA_PORT information for bootstrap servers.

Click on connect.

Once connected, navigate to Topics and visualize data in your topics.

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