When a new service is created in Aiven, a cloud service provider will dynamically assign a public IP address from their connection pool. This IP address is not a permanent one, because with every service node update (failover, maintenance upgrade or cloud migration) the IP address will change as Aiven will create a new VM, migrate to it and then retire the older node. 

You can however create a VPC and create a peering connection to your own cloud account. This can be used in case you would like to limit connectivity, and keep your service instances isolated from the public-internet.  For more information, please see Using VPC Peering article.

When a new service is being provisioned, the host name for your service may be setup with one of the following DNS zones depending on the available zoning pool:

  • project-service.X.aivencloud.com (where X stands for a, b, c, etc.)

Additional articles may be found on our Aiven Support page.

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