The Aiven console provides a wide range of advanced configurations for each service in your project. Whether you would like to tweak your PostgreSQL or Kafka (or any of other available services at Aiven), you can do that directly in the console. In the example below, we will add a new configuration option for PostgreSQL server.

Please note, making changes to advanced configuration may lead to your service restarting.

To start, open the Aiven console and select the service you previously created. At the bottom of your service page, you will find Advanced configuration

Configuring PostgreSQL Advanced Configuration

Selecting configuration option

Click on the Add configuration option to select the configuration from the drop-down list.

Entering configuration option value

Depending on the option, enter the appropriate value for it (integer, string, boolean) and click Save advanced configuration

And you're done. The new configuration option will be picked up in the next Aiven update cycle and applied to your service. 

We're constantly working on adding new configuration options. Should you need an additional setting that is not yet available for your service, feel free to reach out to Support and let us know. We would gladly review your feature request and add it to our roadmap. 

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