An Account is a logical grouping of projects for managing common attributes shared between them. In its first release, it enables efficient management of project membership across multiple projects by

  1. Reducing administrative work to provision access across multiple Aiven projects by grouping users with similar needs into Teams.

  2. Switch roles quickly and implement them across projects from a single panel.

  3. Single sign on (SSO) into projects using your company AD or any standard Identity Provider that supports SAML such as Okta, Auth0, Gsuite.

Creating a New Account

Step 1: Access the 'Create Account' option

From the side panel, click on the currently selected project name to open up the menu for projects and accounts. In this menu, click on 'See all projects'.

Modal should now open providing information about the projects and accounts you have access to. In other words, account appears on the list if you are a member of the accounts owners team. At the bottom of this list view, you can see link 'Create new account'. Click the link to create new account.

By clicking the 'Create new account' link, you will be redirected into view where you can create your own account.

Step 2: Configure & create your account

In the create account view, enter the name for your new account. This is the only mandatory field and can be changed later from the account management view.

If you already know which projects you want to associate with this account you can add them here.

Invite additional admin users for this account if you already know who they are by adding their email addresses. They'll receive an email invitation with a confirmation link.

Once they accept the invitation, they'll be added to the Account Owners Team. Members of this team have full control over the account and the projects associated to it.

Note: You can always manage projects and users later on from the account management view.

By clicking 'Create New Account', your account will be created and you are redirected to the accounts management view.

As the account creator, you are automatically a member of the Account Owners Team.

Managing an Account

Your account has been created, great! You should now be redirected to the account management view that has five tabs for various operations: Teams, Projects, Events, Authentication and Settings.

Teams Tab

The Teams tab lists all the teams created for this account. In here, you can create new teams and manage existing teams. Click on the team name to view it's details.

In the Teams detail view, you can

  • Invite members into the team. Pending invitations appear with yellow text.

  • Assign projects that have been associated with this account to the team. To make more projects available, go to Projects tab first and associate them with the account before assigning them to the team.

Projects tab

The Projects tab lets you associate/disassociate projects with your account. Upon associating a project with an account, it becomes available for assigning to Teams.

Note: You can also associate projects that you do not have access to.

In this tab, you can see

  • A list of all the projects that are associated to the account.

  • Number of services running out of the total number of services in the project along with the state indicator that opens an interactive drop down list.

  • A handy search field to search for a specific project of interest.

Note: A project can only be associated to one account at a time.

Reading service state indicators

green circle - All in the project services are running

grey circle - Project has powered off services

blinking blue circle - A service in the project has ongoing operations, for example rebalancing or rebuilding.

Events tab

The Events tab lists all events logged for this account such as

  • creating and removing teams, adding/removing team members

  • associating/disassociating projects

  • creating, enabling/disabling and deleting authentication methods

  • adding, removing and accepting team invites

  • adding, updating and removing team projects

Settings tab

In the Settings tab, you can rename your account or delete the account.

Authentication tab

In the Authentication tab, you can set an authentication method for Account members to verify their identity before accessing the Account.

Currently we support only SAML as the authentication method. Once you add an authentication method, the necessary details to configure the authentication provider is available upon clicking on it's the name in the list view.

Note: You must complete the SAML configuration for the authentication method work.

For detailed instructions, please read the SAML Authentication article.

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