If you want to visually browse your Kafka service, here are some web UI tools recommended for doing so:




Former Landloop, supplements Kafka with a User Interface, availability to stream with a SQL engine and cluster monitoring. It enables faster monitoring of Kafka data pipelines. Before getting started, we recommend you to read the kafka-topics information available on GitHub.

For using Lenses, the service must be Aiven's Kafka business plan or premium plan. After setting up Aivens Kafka service, Kafka REST will need to be enabled in order for this tool to work. Once it is enabled the Kafka REST tab will show in Aiven's console, the Service URI can be copied from the console. 

Now you can start using Lenses like this:

$ docker pull landoop/kafka-topics-ui
$ docker run --rm -it -p 8000:8000 \
               -e "KAFKA_REST_PROXY_URL=https://username:password@k1-aiven-system-services-marcelo-test.avns.net:20005" \
               -e "PROXY=true" \

After it starts, it will be running on:

Got here by accident? Learn how Aiven simplifies working with Apache Kafka:

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