Aiven for Apache Kafka REST supports configuring some settings. 

kafka_rest_config.producer_acks (possible values: 'all', '-1', '0' or '1', default '1')

  • The number of acknowledgments the producer requires the leader to have received before considering a request complete. If set to 'all' or '-1', the leader will wait for the full set of in-sync replicas to acknowledge the record.

kafka_rest_config.producer_linger_ms (integer, default 0)

  • Wait for up to the given delay to allow batching records together

kafka_rest_config.consumer_enable_auto_commit (boolean, default true)

  • If true the consumer's offset will be periodically committed to Kafka in the background

kafka_rest_config.consumer_request_max_bytes (integer, default 67108864)

  • Maximum number of bytes in unencoded message records returned in a single request

kafka_rest_config.consumer_request_timeout_ms (integer, default 1000, possible values: 1000, 15000, 30000)

  • The maximum total time to wait for messages for a request if the maximum number of messages has not yet been reached

To configure these settings, install Aiven Client ( and use the following syntax.

avn service update mykafka -c kafka_rest_config.producer_acks=1

Note that Kafka REST is restarted when the new configuration is taken into use. Kafka REST maintains the state of the consumer in memory and that is lost when the process restarts, so active consumers need to be re-created. 

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