Bring Your Own Account (BYOA) is an optional setup feature for customers using Premium Aiven services allowing the customer to have more control over the cloud service provider account. The BYOA-setup has a custom pricing structure that is calculated case-by-case. Please contact for a cost estimate for your case. 

What are the BYOA requirements at Aiven and reasonings to use it?

BYOA is an extended service where the virtual environment is established within customers own Cloud Provider account. The services can still be managed through the Aiven console and the user experience of this setup remains the same as with regular Aiven service model.

One of the noticeable differences in the BYOA-service is that the customer has to handle two separate monthly invoices, one to Aiven for their managed services and another to the cloud service provider for the cloud infrastructure costs. 

Since BYOA-setup always requires custom work and is not supported yet by all cloud providers, Aiven has set certain prerequisites for customers to be eligible for BYOA-model:

  1. Customer’s cloud provider has to Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud Platform (GCP) or Microsoft Azure*
  2. Total monthly spend of the customer has to be over $5000

*Excluding Azure Germany

Reasons to use BYOA-model

While in the BYOA-model the Aiven managed service costs are lower, the customer has to pay separately to the cloud service provider. This means that the total costs of the BYOA-setup may not be lower (and can even be higher) than compared to Aiven’s regular offering where Aiven handles the cloud infrastructure costs. Therefore
cost savings are not typically the underlying reason to use BYOA. Instead, customers with certain data processing limitations might be legally required to use virtual machines that are owned by them. In this case the use of normal Aiven service is not possible due to virtual machines being ran under Aiven. 

Another possible situation is that a given customer has gotten significant infrastructure discounts or free credits from their cloud provider. In these cases it might make sense to prefer BYOA-setup in an economic sense. 

Cost breakdown of BYOA-model

Since the creation of each BYOA-setup requires a significant amount of development work, Aiven charges a one-time-fee for BYOA-setup work that will be defined case-by-case.

Monthly fees of BYOA consist of computing resources and Aiven service fees. 

BYOA-customers will have to pay for the cloud computing resources they are using, directly through their cloud provider portal. 

In addition, Aiven will charge a discounted monthly service fee from the customer. All BYOA-discounts are evaluated case by case, if your company fulfills the requirements specified earlier, contact for more information and cost estimations of the full setup. 

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