Grafana supports multiple different authentication plugins, in addition to built-in username and password authentication.

Aiven Grafana has support for Google, Github and GitLab authentication. Configuring authentication integration is currently not available in Aiven console, and must be configured either with the API or with Aiven command-line client (avn ).

After installing avn , use avn service types -v  to see all available options.

For example, to set-up Google authentication, use

avn service update -c auth_google.allowed_domains=<your G-suite domain> -c auth_google.client_id=<client ID from Google developer console> -c auth_google.client_secret=<client secret from Google developer console> <name of your Aiven Grafana service> 

If you allow sign-ups with -c auth_google.allow_sign_up=true  option, by default each new user is created with "viewer" permission and added to their own newly-created organizations. If you want to specify different permissions, use -c user_auto_assign_org_role=Editor (or Admin ). If you want to add all new users to the main organization, use -c user_auto_assign_org=true option.

For instructions about setting up integrations on Google, Github or GitLab, refer to Grafana's help pages:

Aftersetting up authentication integration, it will take a short moment - typically less than a minute - before plugin is enabled in Aiven Grafana.

Do note enabling this feature requires applying a maintenance upgrade for Grafana services created before September 2018.

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