To configure Kafka parameters, Aiven command-line client is required. All the same operations can be done over the API with user_config  options.

After installing Aiven command-line client, you can use avn service types -v  to see all available options and allowed values.

For example, to set message.max.bytes , you can use avn service update myservice -c "kafka.message_max_bytes=newmaximumbytelimit" .

Do note changing most of the Kafka settings will cause Kafka service to restart. Aiven Kafka restarts nodes one at the time, causing minimal disruption to the service availability. However, due to this, after altering Kafka settings, it will take a few minutes before new settings are in use.

When changing message.max.bytes , remember to change your client settings as well - otherwise you may have issues with processing Kafka messages.

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