To send emails from Aiven Grafana, you need to configure SMTP server settings to Grafana. Currently customizing Grafana SMTP settings is only possible over the API or with Aiven command-line client.

Before continuing, you will need following information:

  • SMTP server IP or hostname

  • SMTP server port

  • Username for authentication (if authentication is in use; highly recommended)

  • Password for authentication

  • Sender email address (i.e., email address shown in "From" field)

  • Optionally sender name

To set-up Grafana, after installing command-line client, use following command, after replacing values with your own:

avn service update --project yourprojectname yourservicename \
  -c \
  -c smtp_server.port=465 \
  -c smtp_server.username=emailsenderuser \
  -c smtp_server.password=emailsenderpass \
  -c smtp_server.from_address=""

You can use avn service types -v  to see all available custom options along with explanations.

After this has been set up, Grafana will be able to send invite emails, reset password emails, and alert messages if you configure alerts.

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