The default billing method for all new Aiven customers is a credit card charge at the end of the month for all charges accrued over that month.  Each Aiven project is charged separately.

Billing unit for Aiven services is 1 hour, and we'll automatically calculate the charge amount based on the services have been running in your Aiven project. 

We also offer corporate billing options for customers who prefer to pay by invoice or are unable to pay with a credit card.  The standard corporate billing option is monthly invoices generated at the end of the month based on actual usage, similar to the credit card charge method used by default.

These invoices are automatically generated by our backend and sent as PDFs over email to the billing email addresses configured in the Aiven dashboard.  Prices for Aiven services are always defined in US dollars, but invoices can be sent in other currencies using the invoice date's currency exchange rates.  Currently the following currencies are accepted:

  • US dollars (default)

  • Euros

  • Pounds sterling 

  • Swiss francs

  • Danish kroner

  • Norwegian kroner

  • Swedish kronor

  • Australian dollars 

  • Canadian dollars 

Invoices must be paid within 10 days of receipt by a wire transfer to Aiven bank account in one of the following banks:

  • Silicon Valley Bank in United States (ACH)

  • OP Corporate Bank of Finland (SWIFT)

To switch from credit card charges to corporate billing, please make sure your billing profile and email address is up-to-date on your Aiven project's billing settings as shown below and contact Aiven sales to request the change.

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