This article shows you how to enable Datadog metrics for your Aiven services. The steps involve creating a Datadog API key and then activating Datadog metrics for teh Aiven services that you want.

  1. Create a Datadog API key and add it to your Aiven account.

    1. Log in to Datadog.

    2. Select Integrations > APIs from the menu.

    3. Create a new, Aiven-specific API key.
      If you have an existing API key, you can also use that.

    4. Enter a description for the new key and then click Create API key.

      This creates the 32-character API key.

    5. Copy the Key value.

    6. Log in to the Aiven web console.

    7. Check that the correct project is selected, then click Service Integrations and select Datadog > Create new.

    8. Enter a name for your Datadog key and paste the 32-character key in the API key field. Once you are done, click Add endpoint.

  2. In the Aiven web console, click Services and select a supported service.

    NOTE: If a Datadog metrics support maintenance update is available for your service, you must apply that before you can enable Datadog for the service.

  3. Scroll down to Service integrations and click Manage integrations.
    This opens a view of the available integrations.

  4. Select Datadog.

  5. Select the integration endpoint that you added, then click Enable.

    Note: It may take a minute or two before Datadog displays the metrics for the service.

  6. Set up your Datadog dashboard:

    1. Go to the Datadog dashboard.

    2. Add a new widget or edit an existing one.

    3. Select a metric, for example jvm.heap.memory for an Apache Kafka service.
      Datadog automatically adds various tags to the from field.

    4. Configure the graph as necessary.
      You can select multiple filters, for example aiven-service-type:kafka and aiven-project:prod.

    5. Click Done and then save the dashboard.

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