The following Kafka Connect connectors are currently available, and can be used in your Kafka services that support Kafka Connect. Our list of supported connectors is below.



Preview connectors

You may see a "Preview" tag next to the name of some connectors. Preview connectors do not come under our SLA so please be advised before considering to use them in production. Bugs should be reported to the code owner directly.

Requesting new connectors

Based on support requests, we may also add support for additional connectors. When requesting connectors that are not on the pre-approved list through a support ticket, be sure to remember to specify to which Kafka service you'd like to have it installed to. 

If you have some other connectors you'd like to see supported, please give us a heads up on what you'd like to see in the future. 

Once a request for addition has been made we will do a study where we check things like whether or not the connector is license compatible, a technical due diligence evaluation and a check on whether or not the connector is being actively maintained or not. The addition of new connectors is done at the sole discretion of Aiven.

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