Note: Aiven for OpenSearch replaces Aiven for Elasticsearch after Elasticsearch version 7.10.2 due to licensing changes. In addition, OpenSearch Dashboards replaces Kibana. Starting from September 24th, 2021 until March 23rd, 2022, Aiven supports services running both OpenSearch and Elasticsearch 7.10.2. For more information on Aiven for OpenSearch, see our developer documentation.

Access to Aiven Kibana and Elasticsearch services requires a valid username and password (HTTP Basic Authentication.)  The service overview page in the Aiven console includes a link directly to Kibana which embeds the username and password in the URL, allowing one-click access to Kibana from the Aiven console.

Unfortunately Chrome has removed support for URLs including a username and password in its version 59 (released in June 2017), causing Chrome to display a network error when such a link is accessed.  See and for more information about the change in behavior.

To access your Aiven Kibana service using Chrome please copy the Kibana URL to your browser's URL bar and manually enter the username and password that are shown on your Aiven service overview page.

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