Two-Factor Authentication (also known as 2-Step Verification or 2FA) in Aiven allows further securing logins by requiring a second authentication code in addition to the user password. 

Currently Aiven supports Two-Factor Authentication using the Google Authenticator mobile application.

Setting up Two-Factor Authentication

  • Install the Google Authenticator application to your mobile decide (install instructions)
  • Login to Aiven web dashboard and your user profile page by clicking your name on the left toolbar
  • Click the "Enable" button under "Two-factor authentication" and enter your current password
  • Open the Google Authenticator application on your mobile device and add a new entry by selecting the Scan a barcode option. Point the camera to the QR code visible on the Aiven web dashboard. It should be recognized automatically by Google Authenticator and a new "Aiven" entry is added to its list of applications.
  • Enter the Aiven number sequence from the Google Authenticator app to the Confirmation code field in the above dialog and press the Enable Two-Factor Auth button
  • Two-Factor authentication is now enabled

Authentication status of project members

The Two-Factor Authentication status for project members can be viewed under the project members view:

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